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Trees, Demolition Contractors in Shakopee, MN

Tree Removal

Dying, diseased, and overgrown trees can pose a danger to your home and property. Keep your property safe from tree related hazards by calling R.D. & Associates Specialized Services, Inc.
Excavation, Demolition Contractors in Shakopee, MN

Site Excavation

Pave the way for a new house or an addition to your current house with our site excavation services. Using the latest technology and quality surveying techniques, we ensure that we get the job done right the first time around.

About Us

At R.D. & Associates Specialized Services Inc, our business is removing trees and moving dirt. We specialize in clearing lots for single family homes. We also remove trees that are diseased, damaged, or just simply overgrown.  We grind out tree stumps of all sizes and can provide a clean-up service if requested. We can clear-cut sites of all sizes and provide a brush mowing service to those customers with areas that are overgrown with weeds and saplings.

When it comes to excavating, we specialize in moving dirt in areas where the access is limited. Whether the customer needs footings for a deck, some grading or drain tile to dry up a wet area, or a full depth excavation for a new house, we are ready to work. We can place light poles and sign posts with precision using our pole setting attachment. We remove asphalt and concrete pavement as well as building and maintaining gravel driveways.

And that's not all! We have an extensive network of experienced, qualified, and dependable subcontractors - people with whom we have worked for years; people that we place the utmost confidence in to handle those few jobs that we can't. We will work by bid or by the hour. We can provide bids either verbally or in writing. We tell you upfront what it's going to cost, so there are no surprises. You get honesty, integrity, and an old fashioned work ethic from R.D. & Associates Specialized Services Inc. People who care about how the work gets done, because they enjoy the work that they do.

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